Friday, October 5, 2012


Rayray was upset because the camel was all alone in the field.  It seems that the cows (which you can see lying above) and the horses (not in the picture) were shunning it.  He was all alone.  For some reason, because Washaway had brought us to this place to see the lovely beast, she believed he had a personal relationship with said camel and would now all its thoughts and feelings.  From the back set of TCW's care came a conversation some what like this...

RR:  AWWWWWW, why is he all by himself.  Are the horses and cows mean to him?
WASH:  No, some time when we come by he will be around the horses.
RR:  What about the cows?
WASH:  I don't know, I don't remember him being around the cows.
RR:  I want them to be nice to him.
WASH:  I am sure they are.
RR:  Have you seen them be nice to him?
WASH:  I guess.  I haven't really been out here a lot.  Some times we don't see him at all.
RR:  Where is he when you can't see him?
WASH:  Really, Baby?   I don't know.
RR:  I want him to be happy, Josh.  Is he happy?
WASH:  Yes, Baby, he is happy.
RR:  Are you sure?

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