Monday, July 28, 2008

Good Deed for the Day

Have you done a good deed today? I have. I was in the lobby of our building about to go get something to eat. As usual, someone came in looking for the Social Security Office. It has moved from Bradford to behind Colonial Plaza on that street back there between Colonial Plaza and the mall. Well, it is hard to tell people how to get there. This girl about 30 was trying to take her father there. He came in all sweating ( I guess no air in the car) saying he had no idea where they were or where to go. I drew her a map and showed her how to cut through colonial and the building would be across the street from the end of their parking lot. He was dying to go to the restroom ("because I have to take pills for inflamation") so I showed him the restroom and waited on him while she went back to their car. While I was walking out with the man it dawned on me (since I wasn't sure they really understood where to go), why don't I just go there and they can follow me? So I did....there you have it....they were so greatful. Kinda made me feel good too!

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