Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 4, 2008

These pictures are from July 4 this year. There are Jenfer and Tim. I am posting this, one - because we had a great time and two - to see if Tim reads this blog. he swears he doesn't because he thinks it is stupid, but he will be pissed if he sees his picture out here, so "THIS IS A TEST, THIS IS ONLY A TEST....BLEEP....BLEEP.....BLEEP". (remember for the national weather emergency something or other on the tv?).
Oh, and finally had to break down and put my ugly mug on here. Good picture of Jimmy, and really good picture of the chicken. After grilling he doused it in white sauce - (did I spell doused right?). It was yummy! Thanks for the photos Beth....I told you to send me one of you too!
Sorry I haven't learned how to layout correctly with pictures.

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