Sunday, July 20, 2008


Yes, we are pigs. Just look at this plate....makes you jealous doesn't it! All of this but the corn meal was grown in the garden. Jenfer was nice enough to use her unbelievable frying skills to cook us squash, green tomatoes and okra. I made cornbread and corn on the cob, and we also had sliced juicy, yummy acidic red tomatoes. Jenfer, T and me were pigs! Oh, I forgot the lima beans (probably the only thing that was good for you). We had such a nice time. Thanks again Jenfer.

I also forgot. T brought brownies.

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Jamie said...

I can't leaves comments at work and I have been meaning to leave one on this picture for a few days now. My mouth waters everytime I look at this picture. I can't believe you grew lima beans. I am going to have to grow some next year. They are Ben's favorite.