Saturday, July 12, 2008

Labor of Love

We have a garden this summer. It has been fun but lots of work. We have been eating squash (lots and lots of squash!), cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and yummy delicious corn. As a result of being such good gardeners (ha) we have had a lot of yield. We have been coming up with various ways of preserving our yummy veggies. That means I have canned a lot. Pickling is a labor of love. Today I did squash again. Above it is simmering in its yummy sticky pickle juice.

Here is the fruit of my labor.....

I know, just 5 pints right. That is why I call it a labor of love. Come Thanksgiving, when I pull out a jar of these delicious, crunchy, sweet squash pickles everyone will LOVE me. You can see evidence of other weekend work in the back. I bet Paula Dean is jealous!

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Ringo said...

Mouth watering!