Friday, August 1, 2008


Last Sunday I got real brave and decided to can somethings I had never done before. My mother's fig tree finally decided to produce fruit this year so Jenfer, Tim and I picked figs on Saturday, I soaked them overnight in sugar, then cooked and canned them on Sunday. I thought I was so successful that I tried it again on Wednesday night. Just as much work, but not the same amount of production. I ONLY GOT 2 PINTS NOT THE BEAUTIFUL 5 PINTS YOU SEE ABOVE! I was kind of upset. Of course our weighing of the figs is not down to a science. We send Mom back to her bedroom to get on the scale with the figs and that I think of it, my Mom was never really good in math. There's no telling what measure of sugar I should or should not have been using.
Jenfer and I made apple butter too. That is it to the left above. I liked that made a lot. The funny thing about all of this is that I am not even sure I like either the fig preserves or the apple butter....Labor of love everybody, labor of love.
(Don't you love "Cat 'O All Seasons" on the table by the apple butter. He is in his Uncle Sam outfit from the 4th).

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