Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am going to share something with ya'll that is a little embarrassing. After going to dinner with Love (Jimmy) on Saturday, we were in my kitchen talking. I know I can tell Jimmy anything or ask him anything no matter how stupid it may make me look. I had a song stuck in my head that never made since. For all of these years (at least since some time in the 70's) I thought that Olivia Newton John song went "Please Mister, please....don't let him be just seventeen..." So I asked Jimmy, "Why would an adult be messing with a 17 year old, and then be upset when they found out because they don't want to leave them?" He responded, "Laura Leigh..." (When he calls me this way it is like - listen to what I am fixing to say, or kind of "I really want to help you understand this". So he goes, "Laura Leigh - it is G17, don't let it be G17 on the juke box. A guy is fixing to play a song and she doesn't want it to be G17, because it was their song and now it is over."

Well, that explains the mystery of the cradle robber! What would I do without my Jimmy?

P. S. I don't think my misunderstanding is as bad as Crazy Kathy thinking the song went "Let Milo open the door" onstead of My love.

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