Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Sorry i have not posted for a few days. I had the busiest weekend I have ever had. Usually my weekends are spent lounging, eating, sleeping and generally just rebounding from the week. Not this weekend. I had a surprize 40th birthday party for my friend Pam on Friday, Jimmy's grandaughter Tatum's 2nd birthday on Saturday, a baby shower on Sunday, and my brother and his family were in town. Anyway, sorry, I will post at least once a day this week.

Back to Poppy, Boon!. At Tatum's Bday party Tatum and Luke wanted to hold the baloons with helium in them. Jimmy kept making a big deal about tying the balloon to their arms so it wouldn't fly away. He told his daughter Jamee to tie Tatum's good, all the while he was tying Luke's. Well, the balloon fascination last all of 2.7 minutes for Luke. Then he decided to take it off. Jimmy was watching him and caught the balloon before it took off.

Now, Poppy has Luke's balloon and is trying to attach it to the fountain (don't ask me why not just tie it back to the heavy thing holding it in the first place). Well, you can only imagine what happened. POPPY LET THE BALLOON GO. I was sitting there thinking "he is going to loose that balloon" and sure enough he did.

Luke didn't miss it either...hence the title. He walked around and told everybody what Poppy had done to his boon! I love those kids (Jimmy included).

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