Monday, August 18, 2008


We had friends over on Friday to give Rachel a send off. It was sooo much fun. There are Rachel and her friends Crissy, Adrian, Clark and Robert. And there are me and my friends Mickey, Jenfer, Veronica and Beth. Mom, Elwyn, Tim Brittney and Joey were also there. I will post other pictures over time because they are funny! It had been years since me, Beth, Veronica and Tim were at the same place at the same time. Boy, did we do some reminiscing. We had those kids laughing so hard! We are all going to have to get together again soon.

Oh, also, someone got arresticated (I have been waiting to use that word - you know how I like to butcher the language) on Pennylane. We were treating it like a spectator sport! We are really rednecks at heart!

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Ringo said...

Nice pic! Good to see all. Best Wishes to Rachel and her new journey!