Thursday, February 18, 2010


What do you consider the "Deep South?" I have my own definition. I consider it the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina (sometimes).

Here are some interesting definitions from Wikipedia, but my own personal definition has not changed....

"The Deep South is a descriptive category of the cultural and geographic sub regions in the American South. Historically, it is differentiated from the "Upper South" as being the states which were most dependent on plantation type agriculture during the antebellum period. The Deep South was also commonly referred to as the Lower South or the "Cotton States".

Today, the Deep South is usually delineated as being those states and areas where things most often thought of as "Southern" exist in their most concentrated form."
"The term "Deep South" is defined in a variety of ways:
The first definition most closely relates to mine with the exclusion of Tennessee.

Thank you for being Southern... and God Bless You if you aren't.

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Jamie said...

How can you not think that South Carolina is not the "deep south"? It is truly all things southern. From grits, to plantations, distinct accents, moss covered trees, etc. Way more deep south than TN.