Monday, February 15, 2010


I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day. My Love sent me roses to work on Friday! They were absolutely beautiful!

I did a very brave thing this weekend...I went to WALMART. Yes I did. I went to Walmart on SATURDAY! Even the Saturday before VALENTINES! I have never seen so many people carrying bunches of flowers, candy, Horny little I love you Devils, and my favorite item of choice this year....a stuffed animal sitting inside a blown up balloon! I mean, how do they even do that? Should I be envious? I have never received something like that...No, I think I will just appreciate my roses! (They even came in a vase! I know, I am going to hell)

Here is Mickey and her hoard of groceries. She will be out of commission for a few days and had to keep her boys feed. It was quite a fun trip I must say. Mickey warned me not to get grouchy, and she got grouchy at every corner! Shame!!!! Not even the balloon covered stuffed animals could cheer her up!

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