Thursday, February 11, 2010


"It is time to eat. Here is supper. Black-eyed peas with ham hock...fried cornbread...sweet potato talk of supping with the Gods...who but a God could have come up with the Divine fact of okra?" - James Dickey

"Hell, yes, we eat dirt! And if you haven't ever tried blackened red dirt, you don't know what's good."- James Blount (Humorist)

"...a customer can order them (chitlins) by shouting into a drive-up microphone, just as if ordering a burger and fries, and come away with some seasoned, aromatic, honest-to-God genuine chitlins - fried pork entrails - while hardly even slowing down." - Shelley Anthony (Georgian, drive-up chitlin magnate)

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Wayne, Ang and Loli said...

I love your "Southern" posts! They always make me smile :)