Monday, April 5, 2010


I had an interesting dream the other night....

It started off with me being on a date with Hugh Hefner. We were approaching the wave pool at Point Mallard by climbing over the concrete benches that surround the outer perimeter. We both were dressed to the nines...I had on a lovely, red, flowing dress, and Hugh had on pants and a satin dinner jacket. I was looking at all of the people staring at us. I thought, "What are you doing on a date with Hugh Hefner...he is so OLD." Then, I noticed the attention we were getting and I didn't care anymore!
We made our way to the ballroom that was enclosed in a huge building (but you didn't know that Point Mallard had ballroom facilities). We were talking to various people (I don't remember anyone famous), and then I saw him across the room....
YES! It was Michael Emerson who plays Ben on LOST! If you know anything about me you know I am totally obsessed with LOST!!!! He spotted us and started to approach. I asked Hugh if he knew Michael, and he said yes. Michael was the host of the party! He came up to us and said hello to Hugh and then he said this to me:
"Hello, you must be Laura Leigh. I have been waiting to meet you. I prepared all of the food here tonight, and I just can't wait for us to sit down and talk about cooking!"
OK, I was floored. Two of my favorite things 1) a character from my favorite TV show of all times and 2) talking about cooking and sharing recipes!
It's official. I am a GEEK! This is the best dream I have had in a long time.
P.S. I can't really figure out the purpose of Hugh - guess he was just a catalyst to get me to the ultimate celebrity meeting ever! Or, is there some underlying meaning - like maybe I missed my purpose in life by not posing for Playboy when I had the chance.....yeah, I am kidding.

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