Thursday, April 8, 2010


"In the South, people take great pleasure in other people's lives. They consider them works of art. Eccentrics are discussed and doted upon." - John Berendt

"A Southern woman knows how to get her point across without insulting someone, screaming at them, and belittling them. She has learned to compromise. In a good way she's the perfect politician. I do believe that the first female President we elect is going to be a Southern Woman." - Fannie Flag (in a Southern Living magazine interview)

"'Isn't that nice,' Meemaw said. 'Tupperware...' You wouldn't have thought a man's entire head would fit into a Tupperware container designed to hold a head of lettuce, but Chester had a small head for a man his size." - Mark Childress in Crazy in Alabama

"If we weren't crazy, we would all go insane." - Jimmy Buffet

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