Friday, April 22, 2011


I was sad to hear this week that ABC is cancelling two Soap Operas that were very dear to me in the 1980's - "All My Children" and "One Life To Live."  We would record them everyday and watch them after school.  Some of the great story lines I remember were...

~  The years of drama with Tad/Liza, Jenny/Greg, Greg/Liza, Tad/Liza's Mom, Jenny/Jesse (running away), Jesse/Angie....

~  Palmer Courtland and how much pain and grief he caused everyone, especially his daughter Nina and her husband Cliff

~  Hilarious Opal, Tad's Mom

~  Stuart/Adam Chandler

~  Of course, Erica Cain was always mixed up in everything

~  Loved the Buchanans on OLTL - Asa, Clint, Bo

~  Love how Asa always seemed to marry Bo's girlfriends - i.e. Delilah and Becky Lee Abbot

~  The whole Vicki/Nicki fiasco - OLTL did a lot of crazy things - time travel, split personality, visiting the afterlife...

~  Dorian Lord and Herb Callison

I have not watched these shows in years, probably at least 20 years, but it is still sad to hear they will not be on anymore.  You always knew at 12 o'clock noon you could turn on ABC and see Erica Cain (looking amazing like she did 20 years ago) messing with some one's life - love or otherwise.  Cheers to you ABC Soaps!

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