Monday, April 25, 2011

THERE ARE THINGS THAT WE JUST CAN'T HANDLE.... a very tine tree frog in the Smoking Lounge (i.e. carport).  You can just barely make it out on the arm of the white plastic chair in the picture below.  And, no, that is not an Adirondack chair with arms that are 5" wide....that chair's arms are about 2" wide.  Yes, the frog is a tiny bit larger than a quarter but smaller than a half dollar.

And we were scared of it.  We being Rachel and myself.  We walked out, lit our cigs, I turned around and said "Is that a leaf?"  Rachel asked "where?" as I was bending down for a closer look.  "AHHHHH, IT'S A FROG!"

We both screamed and ran through the house to the back yard to finish smoking.  I know it is crazy.  I know I make fun of Rachel being deathly afraid of moths (one attacked me the other night - but that is a different story), but I do not like frogs.  It is not that I think it can hurt me or anything like that...I just, under no circumstances want one to touch me!

We kept looking out the window to see if it was still there, just like we did the the half of a field mouse sally left us, or the baby squirrel with no head, only this time, the frog was alive and well and haunting us from the arm of the plastic chair in the Smoking Lounge.

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