Wednesday, January 25, 2012


  "Look Mom, family portrait time."  We say this often when sitting on the couch with the Byebye.  We always catch him looking so cute and lean over and mimic him and say "family portrait."  It just so happens, the other night was the first time I caught it on film.  Rayray and Byebye take direction well...

"Your are opening your eyes too much"


"That's good, now tilt your chin toward the couch..."

"That's too much toward the couch..."

"Still too much..."


"That's good!"

"Hey Mom, get this one."

"AWE" (Then I must have said something that made her smirk)

smirk... (but he looks soooo cute)

Byebye wants kisses...

Uh Oh, looks like he could be getting feisty....

"Give me a finger to gnaw on..."

They both are saying "I love you!"

But wait, what is this...back to being a professional...

"Look!  Family Portrait!"

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