Tuesday, January 31, 2012


~  A baby porcupine acquires a fully developed set of quills within days, sometimes hours, of birth.  The quills are initially soft and bendable, but they harden quickly.

~  There are 23 shades of red in Crayola's box of 120 crayons - more than any other color.  The closest is green with 20 shades, followed by blue with 19.

~  In American diner slang a "Noah's boy" was a slice of ham - a reference to Noah's second son, Ham.

~  The last two letters of the state of Kentucky's name (KY) is also its official U.S. Postal Service abbreviation.  (It is also a name of a lubricant - just thought I would throw that in)

~  It takes approximately 100 gallons of water to grow a watermelon.

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