Friday, January 6, 2012

THURSDAY, JAN. 5TH: 6:00 - 7:00 pm

(The title is my way of a shout out to the TV series 24)

*  Went to BBG to get some Brunswick stew and ran into a dear old friend, who shall remain nameless.  This coupon queen was trying her best to get 8 slices of pie for the price of 1.  Friend and Family discount my ass!

*  Leaving said restaurant, I ran into a dear old friend's ex husband.  He was buying slaw.

(Guess Gibson's was the place to be)

*  Arrived at home to clean out the storage in my carport.  There is a leak in there (not the water heater) and we had to clear it out so we can figure out what is going on.  Wash and Killer actually moved all the stuff for us, so TCW (who kindly offered to help) and I did not have to really lift a finger.  That was nice.  Oh, and Rayray didn't lift a finger either, but we all know that is not unusual.

*  Jenfer came by to pick up her Christmas present.  It was good to visit with her.

*  While we were all outside, Sally came up with ANOTHER baby squirrel in her mouth.  She loves to try to sneak these half dead animals in the house.  Then they get away from her because they aren't really dead.  Long story - involves Veronica - hilarious!

*  Sally proceeds to chomp on the squirrel under Rachel's car.  You can actually hear the bones crunching.  For some reason, TCW, Wash and Killer LOVED this.  It made me, Rayray and Jenfer kinda throw up a little bit.  (Wonder  why guys like that sort of stuff?) 

We all laughed at the way Wash laughs at inappropriate things.  Like hearing the bones crunching, or seeing something deformed on TV, or Cockeye's eye, or when someone falls, or......

Have a great weekend!

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