Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Huge shout out to Btut for hosting the National Championship party the other night!  What a great game for all my Bama friends!  We all had a wonderful time, ate good food (as referenced in the quotes), visited with good friends, and watched some damn good football!  

L BigDawes and Btut in the smoking lounge...

...Lisa Tutb and TCW chewing the fat (TCW looks soooo serious and I believe they were talking about going somewhere to see a whole hog cooked in the ground - man, he takes his pork seriously!)

Wino Bill and M of S&M talking cigars - S of S&M was there, but I did not capture a picture of her...

...empty den at beginning of halftime - man, do we really ALL smoke?

Thanks again Btut .... and now, let's relive a wonderful experience with "Quotes of the Night"...

*  She's putting the crackers in numerical order.

*  I'm gonna mess up her crackers when she leaves the room.

*  You just need to shut the f**k up.

*  There's a bunch of Sassy Missy Missys up in here.

*  I will just take clothes out there and change at their house after work, and drink their beer.

*  Will you get me a beer - Roll Tide
     That is my seat - Roll Tide
     This chili is good - Roll Tide
     Get out of my way - Roll Tide
     I am going to sit in the chair with wheels - Roll Tide

*  After all, pink and white make red......What?!?  (She was having a "pretty" moment)

*  You'll always be older than me, but hell, I don't care how old YOU are.  (Talking about their own age)

*  Are you making fun of my art?
     I would never criticize your art to your face.

*  GD, I 'bout fell off the chair.

*  It should be a law they have to cut their hair.

*  Let me just tell you one thing - the food I have eaten here tonight is better than any I have ever eaten at the Hard Dock.

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