Monday, April 30, 2012


Us girls got our creative groove on last Friday night.  L BigDawes, Btut, Lisa TutB and myself went to a painting class to raise for Relay for Life.  We painted "Birds on a Wire." 

It was a hoot...literally!

Here they and trying to get our backgrounds to dry so we can continue with the creative process.  And, yes, that is my glass of wine in front of my painting that Lisa TutB is so graciously fanning for me!  Go TutB!

And the finished products!  We were all pleased with our paintings...I think is is really neat how they are very similar, but also reflect our individuality.  I will definitely go to another class.

Us being funny...the caption of the picture is "That is supposed to be what?!?!?"

Did you even notice that we had turned our pictures upside down?  We're funny like that.

Quotes of the night:

~  "Teacher!  Lois' brush is not in the water!"
~  "Beth's done got paint all over her edge."
~  "SHHHH!  I am trying to listen."
~  "Sausage Balls!  I didn't see any sausage balls."
~  "Everybody is going to think mine is the best."
~  "Her wire is too thin...I hate her."
~  "Teacher.  Lois is still painting!"
~  "You're the one who mad me so mean."
~  "Yes, let me sit between you.  Then I can turn to her and talk about you, or I can turn to you and talk about her."
~  "Yep.  Bird going there."
~  "Y'all are all going to hell."
~  "You put ice in your red wine...redneck."  "Well hell, hers is a screw top!"
~  "We can't have your reception can't serve alcohol."
~  "Screw Vegas....Take me to Tunaca!"  "LET ME GET MY LIPS READY!!!!"

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