Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Tears were shed at 1719 last night.  I had bought a bunch of groceries, and Josh and I were cleaning out the fridge to make room.  Rachel had gotten Chinese food Sunday night...and yes, we did the unthinkable!  WE THREW AWAY HER FRIED RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, many of you know what a picky eater Rachel is.  Heck, if I had to bet money on it, I would say the chances of her eating left overs would be 99 to 1.  And she didn't even like fried rice a year ago! 

She was a little sensitive last night, so what do we do?  We go on the defensive. 

R:  You could have at least asked! 
LL:  Well, you could have come to help with the groceries when I called you!
R:  You knew I was back there on the computer.
LL:  How could I know, you didn't come when I called you.
R:  I was totally going to eat that tonight.
LL:  I have never even seen you eat leftovers.
R:  I was looking so forward to it!
LL:  Get over it.

Lesson of the night:  DO NOT TOUCH Rachel's fry rye!  You might loose your hand.

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