Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I had a wonderful weekend starting Thursday at the Hard Dock with Gray Black and White.  Raayray, Wash, and I actually spent a lot of time together this weekend.  I love it that they are so much fun to be around! 

Friday, the boys headed to T Town for a gig, so Rachel and I got the watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics together. 

Saturday, Rachel went to Bham to take a test and study, so Wash and I hung out.  He even went to see Gma with me!  Then we went to Publix to get the Princess some smoked Gruyere cheese.  Next was Windmill to buy wine and Limaritas.  Finally, that state store for Jameson, Wild Turkey and Don (stocking the bar).  We then hung out in the smoking lounge with Stalker.

Sunday we all relaxed and watched the Olympics.  Now, here is where the true love comes in...we were taking a smoke break (Wash and I had been consuming alcoholic beverages - imagine that), and Wash comes out of the house and says (in the sweetest voice I have ever heard him use), "Baby, I have a surprise for you!"  Rayray all excited goes "What is it!?!  What is it!?!"  He then lifts his shirt to offer her a slice of Gruyere cheese that he stuck on his belly! 

We laughed for 4.23 minutes!  I could not stop crying I was laughing so hard! 

Now, that is true love!

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