Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Played Big Bang Theory Game at my house with crazy fans - Rayray, Btut, Lisa TutB, Syd, and Wino Bill. As usual, many funny quotes to be heard and written down:

~  Rayray, show me your soft kitty.
~  Andy Griffith was a di*k head.
~  If you land on rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock, you can steal a card.
~  Oh, Jesus Christ.  (Someone else says, No, just Bill)
~  That threw me off.  (Someone else says, Why, because its English?)
~  Dude, he has mega balls.
~  Well, you can't win if you can't play because you can't be quiet.
~  Taste the rainbow
~  STOP!  Don't pee in there
~  Wait, are you going to win?  I can't have that.
~  I'm sorry I am so funny.
~  I got to write that down
~  My pen is not even on.

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