Wednesday, July 11, 2012

~  Curious George was originally called Fifi.  When the writers made him the main focus of their second book, their publisher told them Fifi was too feminine a name for the boy monkey so they changed it.

~  Sunglasses were first commercially produced and sold on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ in a Woolworth's store.  They were made and sold in 1929 by Sam Foster, the man behind Foster Grant sunglasses.

~  Hitler's private 12 car armored train was originally named Amerika.  The name was changed to Brandenburg after the US entered World War II. 

~  Paris's world famous Hotel Ritz installed king-sized tubs in all its bathrooms because Edward VII, while still Prince of Wales, got stuck in a narrow tub with a lover and had to be extricated by his valets.

~  Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon first introduced oranges and lemons to Florida in 1513.  They were planted in St. Augustine.

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