Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Wash, Ray and I were sitting in the smoking lounge on Friday night.  We were waiting for Big Red to come get Wash for a concert in B'ham.  I was sitting in the chair closest to the cherry tree (or where Ray parks her car).  All of a sudden I look up because it was like something on the roof was pulling on the tree.  We were all like "What the Heck?"  It continued pulling then the whole limb swooped down, like something had jumped on the branch. 

Ray:  It is just a squirrel.

LL:  No, it is not a squirrel it's tail is not bushy!

LL:  It is Tay?  NO, OH MY GOD (running inside...all 3 of us) IT IS A RAT!  screaaaam!

Wash, being the brave man of the house, got a flash light to investigate.  It was a opossum!  You can see his white face and one shiny eye in the middle of the picture above!  You can even make out his tail curving below his body on the left!  YUK!

Wash tried to get a good picture...His white face and one eye can be seen toward the right in this pic.

Never a dull moment on Pennylane!

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