Thursday, September 11, 2008

39th Birthday

My Boo made me a birthday cake back in February. As you can tell, she did not let it completely cool before trying to decorate. I thought it was precious, and very representative of my, oh, don't want to say crappy, lets just say messed up birthday.

It was supposed to go like this: arrive home from work with Chinese food gotten by mom for dinner, yummy cake to eat, relax and watch the presidential debate.

It went like this: Mom called and said for me to swing by and pick up the Chinese food. Later she called back and said she was not feeling well so I should just swing by and pick up the cake at her house. I said we could just eat cake the next day. She then replied that she needed me to come by her house and get all the stuff to make marinated carrots, and then GO HOME AND ACTUALLY PREPARE THEM FOR HER! ON MY BIRTHDAY! See, she had a party at church the next day (don't forget she is now sick) and needed them to marinate overnight.

So, while Tim and Rachel ate Chinese (that I bought) and enjoyed the stimulating presidential debate, I was in the kitchen up to my ears in carrots. Let's hope my 40th is a little more enjoyable.

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Rachel said...

But i made you cake! So, that made it all better. & i got you a balloon, that is still residing in the living room. Haha!