Thursday, September 4, 2008

"I'm a little nervous"

Just got off the phone with Boo. She is not coming home this weekend, instead she and Hillary (roomate) are going with a group camping and white water rafting in South Carolina. They are leaving at 10 in the morning and won't be back until 10 Sunday night. She is not taking her cell phone....what am I to do. I have never gone 3 days without talking to my Boo! I miss her already.

She told me she is a little nervous. They are not camping in cabins, just on the floor of the woods! She did not know that part when she signed up. Also, they have to take their own food. Now, come on, what could Rachel take to eat? She is such a picky eater. She is taking peanut butter, bagels (they won't crush in the rapids), cups of pineapple and canned instant breakfast. I know she is nervous going off with 40 strangers, but I am proud of her and I know she will have a good time.

Boo - Use your OFF!


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