Friday, September 5, 2008

Speeding in Mississippi

When Rachel and Hillarious went to Memphis she received a speeding ticket in Mississippi. Now, if you don't know, speeding tickets in Mississippi are expensive. I got one 24 years ago (or 14 years last night - BJ) when I was 16 and it cost $113.50. So I knew that it would be pricy.

But here is the problem. She didn't tell me she got the ticket until 2 weeks later. I said, well, go get it and lets take care of it (meaning me). She said she would later. Another week went by, and then she left for school. I remembered the ticket last weekend. I said "go get that ticket our of your car".

Her response "I lost it, I think Mirl through it out when he cleaned the car"

Now what was I supposed to do. I thought, well, not really a big deal....I would just call the State Troopers of Mississippi and get the information out of there database....WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

After I finally reached someone nice enough to help (about 3 phon calls) I was told I would have to call the Justice Courts of each individual county to try to locate the ticked! So I printed a map and started calling.

And let me tell you....every county is different about how they treat their traffic tickets. Boy, you would do best to receive a ticket in Tishiminga or Alcorn Counties because at least, when your court date comes they send you a letter saying you have 10 days to pay. But not Tippah, no way buddy, there it is straight to issuing a bench warrent for your arrest. Can you see my baby trying to fly on a plan and them telling her there is a warrent for her arrest?

Anyway, I tracked down the ticket like a good mommy and sent them a cashier's check for $183.50.

I could let this make me a little peeved, but not now that my baby is in the jungle of South Carolina, fighting off wild animals, and eating rations, carrying her own water, and sleeping on the ground, with no shower for 3 days. My poor baby - I hope she does ok. As she said this morning "This is not at all what I signed up for!"


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