Friday, February 20, 2009


Please pay attention! If you are going to Redstone Federal Credit Union on Wynn Drive, make sure you avoid being helped by Jacqueline. If you find yourself staring at the teller and her name tag says "Jacqueline" trust me and RUN!!!! Say you forgot something in the car, go outside and then reenter, making sure you do not, repeat DO NOT get in her line again.

Yesterday I had two simple transaction. One a deposit and the other to cash a check from work. During the time it took Jac to complete these transactions, the teller next to us waited on 4 other people....yes, 4! My friend was waiting in the car and she said she saw about 5 or 6 people enter after I entered and leave before I did.

Well, intelligent, germ avoiding Jac started to process my check cashing. She asked to see my driver's license which she proceeded to rub anti-bacterial hand solution all over! GROSS. She couldn't even pronounce it calling it "this anti stuff." Then she counts my money to me giving me first a 20, then a five, next four ones, and finally the 10. I reach for the money but she picks it up in order to insert the 10 after the 20. Why didn't she do that in the first place. Isn't that taught in Money Counting 101? I finally wrestle the money from her anti-bacterial damp hands and shove it in my purse. She then asks me to make sure that was $39. Are you kidding me? We have both been studying her counting out the money for 45.7 seconds. I assure her yes, it was $39.

Now, I know I am beginning to look at her like "you big dumb ass" as stealthy, quick, efficient teller next to us is churning out customers like an assembly line. I could not get the smirk off my face. For the next transaction, I was depositing $1000 in Jimmy's account. He had gone by and paid for Rachel's car, so I was putting the money back. Well, this transaction appears to go real smooth with Jac and she hands me my receipt. As I am walking away, I notice the receipt is for my account, and that my balance has not been reduced by the $1000. I unwillingly walk back up to "Super Teller" and say, "I need a receipt showing the deposit into Jimmy's account." Now, hold your breath for this one:

J: Oh, I didn't realize the account had changed from the one cashing the check
LL: So you cashed a check and made a deposit to the same account?
J: Yeah
LL: Well, I need the money to go in James Bowers account
J: Ok, we can fix it, and don't worry the other was just a zero transaction (pronounced trans-ax-shun)
J: (looking at my check again) Is this your Dad?
LL: No, my boyfriend.
J: Oh

It took all I had not to say "What the hell? Who cares who it is. Please just deposit the damn money so I can go to lunch!" Finally, the deposit got squared away, (I hope). I do have a receipt showing someone put $1000 into Jimmy's account. You might want to check your balance!

My work here is done....consider yourself warned.

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