Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekend - Nashville Trip Postponed

Boy, What a weekend! Rachel was sick, sick, sick. If you are a Mom you know how it feels when your baby is sick. Also, her car broke! It is going to be around $1000 to fix. Nothing she did, just wear and tear on an old car. She is driving my car in Bham and I am tooling around in Jimmy's big Z71 Chevy truck! You should see me! I told everybody I need a cowboy hat and some camo! It's fun to drive.

Anyway, my other baby (Jimmy) is in extreme pain from a pinched nerve, ruptured disc type injury in his neck, back, shoulder. We are going to the doctor on Thursday (finally), but we decided to postpone our trip (of course) to nashville until he can get the pain fixed or under control. Wish us luck.


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