Friday, February 20, 2009

Wine Art

On the subject of sharing stuff on my walls.....this is a painting that my friend Kelli made for me. It is quite large, about 2 feet tall. As you can see it is a painted wine bottle on an old scrap piece of wood. There is a cute saying about good friends and good wine written on it. I love how she used frame scraps on the outside. The label and cork are real. It has a lot of sentimental value because.....

....the label reads "Willow Bend." That was the street I lived on in Burningtree for 15 years! Also, Kelli and her 3 sisters lived right across the street. Isn't that neat?
Side note: The metal angel handing by the wine bottle was made by, you guessed it, my friend Denise. I am so lucky to have such creative, talented friends.
Happy Friday!

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