Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sally or Sybil? The 3 Faces of My Cat?

Here we go.....Thursday night I noticed that Sally had licked a patch of hair off her back. I looked at it and saw a little scratch, nothing much, and just figured she licked it so much because it was itching. Then Friday night I was showing the booboo to Rachel when she got home from school. Chrissy and Adrian were there and noticed that she had licked the fur off the underside of her back legs too! They were looking at her and thought it was mange!!!! OK, you know me and my pets, so I started freaking out. I know a skin disease is not a veterinary emergency, but the thought did cross my mind.

I called mom and told her I would need to borrow the pet carrier to take Sally to the vet in the morning. Saturday I got up and 9:15 and called the vet. They could see me only if I started that way right then. I told them I was on my way, called mom real quick and said I need the carrier ASAP! I then got dressed, brushed my teeth and waited. She arrived soon after and parked right behind me. I grabbed the carrier and said move your car. She then proceeds to casually follow me in the house. I am running around getting a towel for Sally and getting Sally herself. Mom is in the kitchen. I ask "Is your car still there?" as I am shoving my cat in the carrier. She responds "Wait and let me look at her." See, her dog Andy (who by the way is out in her car) had a rash last week and she took him to the same vet I was going to. But her dog had ringworm, and this did not look anything like ringworm. Ok, now I lost my temper and told her I was in a blanking hurry!!! Move her car!!!

Moving on....(see this is a Sally and a Polly post in one), so I get to the vet and I am waiting to see him. I notice someone walking up the steps, and you will never guess who it is.....Yep, Miss Polly, in pajamas and raincoat and all. I know I said Shit out loud. She sits down and I ask "what are you doing here?" She states that she is there and has Andy in the car in case the vet wants to see what his rash looks like. OK, my cat and her dog are never together...let's set that straight. I just look at her like I can't believe this is happening.

Sally is called back. Mom asks if she can go too. Why not, I said and told the little guy that Grandma is coming too!

The vet takes one look and says it is not mange or, Polly, even ringworm, but allergies or stress. Mom tells him she has Andy in the car if he would like to take a look at him (whatever reason for, I don't know). I tell her, "Mom, he already said it wasn't ringworm and Andy has ringworm, that is what Dr. Bryan said the other day." Mom then says "He doesn't have ringworm he has a fungus." Then Dr. English informs her that ringworm is a fungus. Well, that finally got Polly to stop trying to shove her dog on everybody and let us get back to the matter at hand.

Have we moved or gotten a new pet? No, but I did buy her a new kind of IAMS food. Well, let's switch her back to the regular IAMS and give her a steroid shot and see if that works. Bring her back in 2 weeks. If not, we will have to put her on some mood altering drug like PROZAC! Can you believe it. My cat might have to take PROZAC. Later in the evening I noticed that she is very afraid of the neighbors new dogs even though they are in a fence. She used to play in that yard, so maybe she is stressed out about that.

Sybil Salad...that has a ring, kind of like "silly rabbit, tricks are for kids."

Sorry so long....Happy Tuesday.

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