Monday, October 26, 2009


A great time was had by all in attendance of the 3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving at Webb Tree Farms (aka WTF). It was so good to be around friends old and new celebrating the colder weather and the fun time of year that it is. Here are some glances into the craziness that was yesterday....

Kadie Bug made this real cute Frankenstein cake. She did it all by herself, and look, she even signed it!
Here is the barbecue area...boy some good meat came out of this! It was delicious!
Carvers serious at work! There's Btut in the white t-shirt.

Polly, Lois and Daina busy carving and eating!

Pumpkin Carving Rule #1...the most important...YOU GOTTA GETTA GUTTER! Lisa TutB is our number one gutter. My goodness, she has gutted mine (and most everyone elses) for the past 3 years. Thanks Lisa TutB - Love!

Jenfer (sitting next to Lisa Tutb in the light blue shirt) gutted a lot this year too! Thanks Jenfer! And her sausage balls were yummy! If anyone took a picture of the food, please send it to me. It would probably had to have been panoramic, there was so much! YUMYUM.

The end result....time for the judging. I don't have a good picture of the winner, but it was done by Kristen and Blake and it was an intricate pattern of wolves howling at the moon! Love the Pyrotechnics on the two burning one....boys will be boys!

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