Wednesday, October 21, 2009


...really two confessions to make.

I was getting ready to go to Target on Saturday, and I noticed that the screw on the right side of my eyeglasses was really loose. I have to tighten this screw at least every week and a half. I made a mental note to do this before I left.

Well, I forgot. As I parked at Target I looked in my purse to use the little screw driver that I carry. I had changed purses, and had not transferred that into the purse I was using. I entered Target and started looking at the check out for a little screw driver like these, that cost about $1.00
To my surprise, Target did not have these for sale. The checkout lady told me the only kits they had would be by the reading glasses. So I made my way over to the reading glasses section of the pharmacy. No simple little kits there, of course. But they did have a deluxe kit similar to the one below...
...for $5.99! OK, so here is my confession. The kits were shut with velcro like the eyeglass cases. Well, I spied the little tool I needed, so I just opened the kit, tightened the screw in my glasses, replaced the screwdriver, refastened the kit and hung it back up! I know, I know, I am going to hell! But I saved 6 bucks!
My second confession is: I am wearing brown pants and brown shoes to work, and I wore a black jacket and I am carrying a green leather purse. Please, please, please, no one tell Jimmy!

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