Friday, October 23, 2009


This is so embarrassing, but it is soooo funny too! Boy, we can sure pick them in Decatur for our City Council! I heard the throw down is going to be behind City Hall at midnight tonight!

Excerpt from the Decatur Daily:

Decatur Council President Greg Reeves has accused District 1 counterpart Billy Jackson of threatening him.
The accusation, which Reeves posted on his blog Monday evening, alleges Jackson threatened Reeves during an argument that followed a contentious council meeting that morning.
It includes Reeves' account of the conversation:

He kept saying, "I will meet you anywhere, 24/7, anyplace, you name it," at which I said "OK."
And he kept repeating himself.
Finally, I said, "I will meet you , too," holding on to some faint hope that he wanted discussion and not a fight. But Billy continued this, over and over saying "24/7, anywhere, you name it," and again I said "OK."
His tone turned when he said, "I can back it up, I can back it up," about 4 or 5 times in a row to me. Finally I asked, "Are you threatening me?"
"Take it any way you want to take it, " he said, pointing his finger at me...
"Quit threatening me," I said as I walked away.

Makes you proud doesn't it?

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