Monday, March 8, 2010


When I first saw the "Manmercial" for Old Spice during the Super Bowl, I thought it was stupid. Now, I can't get enough of it!!! I have been saying "I am on a horse" all weekend whenever I could. Then I just laugh! It is hilarious.
If you haven't seen the commercial, go to youtube and watch it. I laugh every time! He's like:

"I am the man your man could smell like."

"Look at me, now look at your man, now look back at me."

"I have two tickets to that show you wanted to see."

"Oh, look, they just turned into diamonds."

"and, I am on a horse." my favorite.

I get catchy phrases in my head and have a hard time letting go. There was "That's some bad hat harry," and "Say hello to my little friend." At one point I was stuck on saying "seventeen-fifty" to anything that had to do with a number. How old is she? answer - Seventeen-fifty. I know I am weird.

And now, we can add "I am on a horse!"

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