Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I went to see the Broadway play "The Wizard of Oz" Sunday with Jenfer, JW, Britnaynay and KD. We had a good time and ate a good lunch before at Red Robin (Yum). I liked the play, but it was kind of like watching the movie all over again. I mean Lion was like the movie, Scarecrow was like the movie, Tinman was like the movie, Dorothy and Toto were like the get my point.

The one cute thing was they made Glenda the Good Witch a little bit ditsy like Glenda is in the play "Wicked."

Overall, it was fun and a great way to spend Sunday afternoon.

I love going to Broadway plays. I have seen the following (I know you are dying to know):

A Chorus Line
Cats (4)
Les Miserables (3)
Phantom (2)
Momma Mia
Into the Woods
Miss Saigon

I am going to see "The Color Purple" in April.

Boring post, but that is all I have for you today.

PS. I can't get this song out of my head, so I thought if I wrote about it, maybe it will leave.

I have been wondering why in the song they are like

"Rock the Boat" then they go "Don't Rock the Boat" then again they are like "Rock the Boat" only to be followed by "Don't Tip the Boat Over". Can someone please explain this to me?

Help me. I am on a horse.

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Jamie said...

thanks to you, i caught my self repeting "that's some bad hat harry" this morning while getting ready for work.