Friday, March 12, 2010


I had a weird experience at Publix yesterday. I stopped there to buy ingredients to make spinach dip for me to enjoy while watching Gone With The Wind tonight. (After yesterday's post, I have to watch it - for the 37th time).

Anyway my first weird experience was at the check out lane. I put all my groceries on the belt and then I added a tv guide because it had an article about Lost. (You must know I am obsessed with Lost! - but that is another 147 posts - I am trying to spare you) Here is how the conversation went with check out girl:

Girl: Oh My God, are you addicted (holding up magazine)
LL: Yes, I sure am
Girl: Who is your favorite character?
LL: Sawyer
Girl: Oh My God, this has been on forever!
LL: Well, this is the last season (aside - there have only been 6)
Girl: I love your sweater!
LL: Thanks (?)
Girl: That color looks so good on you. I bet that is the best color on you!
LL: Uh, thanks (?)
Girl: If I were you, I would only wear that color!
LL: (picking up groceries) Ha yeah, um thanks.

I had not taken two steps away when she was already checking out the girl behind me:

Girl: Oh My God, what kind of dog do you have?
Customer: (responds - I could not hear her)
Girl: Oh My God, that is my favorite kind of dog!

I wonder if she next told her : I bet that dog looks so good on you!

But that is not the end of my Publix Twilight Zone story.

I was carrying my two bags of groceries in my hands and pushing my buggy back to the buggy return like a good customer. I pushed in the buggy and exited the store. I hear someone calling "Ma'am, Ma'am". I turn around and there is a manager holding up my Knorr vegetable soup mix. It must have fallen into the lower part of the buggy and I forgot to put it on the counter and pay for it. She said "Did you mean to purchase this?" "It was in your buggy?" I replied yes I did.

So, I had to march back in there and get back in line and pay for the mix. (I really am glad she caught it because I would have been mad to get home and find I did not have the main ingredient I needed for my dip.) But here is what I got to thinking....did that manager think I was trying to steal the dip mix? Did she spy it in my buggy and follow me to the door seeing if I was just going to slip it in my bag? Why else would she have gone to the door? No other reason!

Am I being paranoid?

I don't really want to think about it now. I will think about it tomorrow...after all, tomorrow is another day! (cue Gone With The Wind music)

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