Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shhh....Patients Sleeping

My friend owns a nursery in Decatur called Sugar Magnolias. TCW and I were there this last Saturday visiting (oh, and I bought me a beautiful Shamrock). We were in her green house, and we were looking at all her neat stuff, and we came across this group of orchids....
...I was asking all kinds of questions, and so on. Then my friend said, "Oh, these aren't for sale. This is the orchid hospital." I thought it was so neat that she would nurse other peoples orchids back to good health! And, if you have ever tried to grow an orchid (I personally have killed two) you know how temperamental they are.

How cool! An orchid hospital.

Then, this must be Nurse Kitty watching over all of her patients!

Heal Damn It! Get better my little purple, spiky one - Get well soon my beautiful, white tubular one - Fat, white, roundy white one, fight with all you have! Love to all. Now lets bow our heads.....

As I exited the "hospital" I saw Dr. Sweephay giving the janitorial crew a "pep talk!"

Please keep the patients in your prayers!

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