Friday, May 21, 2010


Recent 2 conversations with my mom. First was a phone call to her while I was at Tim's having a beer with him and Lois....

P: Hello
LL: Hey
P: Hey
LL: Were you sleeping?
P: No
LL: Well, do you remember who you paid to paint your house?
P: Why?
LL: Lois and Jimmy Dawes are looking for someone to give them a quote on painting their house.
P: I think the company that painted mine went out of business.
LL: Oh, OK.
P: What about pressure washing? I think that would be the way to start.
LL: They don't need pressure washing, there house is wood and it needs to be painted.
P: I meant your house.
LL: We aren't talking about my house, we are talking about theirs. I will talk to you later.

....the next day, I get this phone call at work....

LL: This is Laura.
P: Hey
LL: Hey
P: This is your mother
LL: Hey
P: Well, I guess they found someone.
LL: Who...what are you talking about
P: You know, the young couple looking for a painter.
LL: What do you mean you guess they found someone?
P: Well, I drove by their house and there was a guy with a van walking around and looking like he was giving them a quote....

So, now my Mom is stalking Jimmy and Lois, or at least their house....You gotta love her!


Rachel said...

hahaha!!! i think this might be one of the best conversations with polly blogs so far.

Jamie said...

My favorite part.

"This is your mother"

I laugh everytime.