Wednesday, May 5, 2010


...WADS of money that is! (How is that for getting your attention!)
I was getting a dollar out of my purse for a coke to drink and found I had all these piles of different dollars in different parts, pockets, middle of my purse. It seems I have an aversion to putting my money back in my wallet. If I am buying something and receive change I don't take the time to carefully put the dollars away...I just shove them down in my purse.

You would think this would lead me to have a lot of money stuck in various places that I did not know about....but NO! No matter how many piles and how many different denominations I have I always know pretty much to the dollar how much cash I am carrying.

My May 2010 resolution is to put my money where my mouth wait, not that, just to put my money up where it belongs. I need to start now, because I notice there are still two WADS in the pocket of my purse as I type!

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