Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I had this conversation with my Mom on the phone at work Friday...

List of Characters:
Polly (Mom)
Rachel (daughter - working at PetSmart)
Chrissy (Rachel's friend - also working at PetSmart)
Andy (Mom's dog)
Spike (my dog)

P: Hey, I have an emergency.
LL: What is it.
P: I am out of dog food and I don't feel like getting out. Can you stop and get me some?
LL: I am not coming straight home. We are going to Tami and David's to see BJ. By the time I leave there, the pet stores will be closed. I can bring you some of Spike's Iams food.
P: Oh no, I don't want to change Andy's habits. He likes Science Diet.
P: Is Rachel at work?
LL: Yes.
P: I have been trying to call her to get her to bring me some.
LL: She can't answer her phone at work, plus, she doesn't have any money.
P: What if I call Chrissy?
LL: Well, Mom, I doubt Chrissy would front the money for your dog food.
LL: I will text Rachel and then transfer her some money to buy the food. She can drop it off on her way to Tami and David's.
P: OK, that sounds great. I only need dry food...I HAVE PLENTY OF WET.

Yeah, not much of a emregency...but wait, it gets better...

P: What are they serving at Tami's?
LL: I don't know, it is not a sit down dinner.
P: Well, if you pass anyone selling raw oysters pick me up some...
LL: Yeah, Mom, I won't

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