Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I have to be very select in the information I give my mom. If you tell her something, she is going to beat you down with questions, so I try to keep our conversations light and uncongested. In this case I could not. TCW's cousin was in the hospital and I told her. Here is how it went, of course after the whole "Hey - Hey - This is your mother - Hey" spill:

Carl is TCW's dad -

P: How was brunch?
LL: Fun.
P: Did you have any grits left?
LL: No, I left what was there because people were still coming in.
P: What did Beth bring?
LL: Orange rolls and deviled eggs.
P: Yum, I love orange rolls.
P: What did TCW bring?
LL: Sausage balls, but he had to leave and go to Birmingham. (here is where I messed up)
P: What, why?
LL: His cousin is not doing well and had to have emergency surgery
P: His mom's or dad's side.
LL: Dad's
P: Well, where is Carl?
LL: Out of town.
P: Where?
LL: I don't know (I did, but that would have drawn this our even further)
P: I wonder if Carl asked him to go, or did he just go on his own?
LL: I don't know, what difference does it make?
P: Well, it is just sure nice of him to go down there and be with them.
LL: Yeah, well he is nice like that.
P: That is not the cousin that taught you swimming lessons is it?
LL: I don't know. What was her name?

Here she tells me the name of cousin that taught me swimming lessons and we realized it was not the one having surgery.

P: Where did his cousin live?
LL: I don't know - Cullman I think.
P: Does she have a family?
LL: Yes a husband and two grown boys, I think.
P: When will TCW be back?
LL: I don't know.
P: Is he spending the night?
LL: Mom, I DON'T KNOW. Do you want me to tell him to call you when he gets home. Then he can fill you in?
P: No, no. I will let you go.
LL: OK, bye.

I am exhausted! Gotta love her!

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