Thursday, June 24, 2010


Btut here! Guest blogger for your Southern Fried Thursday! I can’t take the full credit for this one. I had some (lots of) help from someone we blog followers all know, my sister, Lisa Tutb! While this has been quite an effort on our part (kudos to LL for maintaining & entertaining us every week), we think it’s pretty good. We hope you enjoy…..and remember! Let us know if you have any others and we’ll be happy to post another guest blog!

Random Southern-ness

The South is..... Lightening Bugs caught by folks of any age and placed in a jar to use as a nite lite

The South is.... Friday nite high school football - Saturday SEC football - Sunday Nascar race

The South is ..... Girls tanning with baby oil and iodine, laying on aluminum foil and spraying lemon juice in their hair for "natural" highlights

The South is.... Buttercups blooming in February

The South is…homemade chicken & dumplins, macaroni & cheese, fried corn & made from scratch biscuits

The South is...... coming home when the street lights come on -

The South is..... Cherry Kool-aid - ham sandwich and a homemade pickle -

The South is ..... Tree houses and playing hide and go seek

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