Tuesday, June 8, 2010


~ Thailand's famous sacred Emerald Buddha is carved from a single block of jade. It is call the Emerald Buddha because of its color.

~ Scotland's Firth of Forth is an estuary or firth (a narrow arm of the sea) a the lower end of the River Forth, which flows into the North Sea.

~ British funny man Peter Sellers dubbed some of Humphrey Bogart's lines in the offbeat 1953 comedy "Beat the Devil." The lines had to be rerecorded because Bogie had been in an auto accident during filming and lost some teeth,, which affected his speaking ability.

~ Rock band Smash Mouth took its name from a football term coined by former Chicago Bears head coach Mike Ditka. Ditka coined the phrase to describe hard-hitting, in-your-face football.

~ The Columbia University football team helped the U.S.'s top secret atom bomb building Manhattan Project during World War II by helping to move tons of uranium stored in Manhattan warehouses.

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