Thursday, June 17, 2010


If you are a dedicated reader of this blog you will remember the "Great Bathroom Debate of 2009" in which I debated toilet paper. (Trust me, it was a thrilling read) In that debate we discussed the different ways to hang your toilet paper. Many people are an "over the top in front hanger" while I myself like the end of the paper to hang off the back behind.

Today's debate has to do with entering the shower. I prefer to turn the water on, let it warm up, step into the shower from the front (closest to the water), close the curtain, and then pull the little shower thingy to start the water coming out of the shower. I exit the shower from the same way I entered it. Of course, I believe this is the most correct way of taking a shower.
I have noticed that Rachel does things quite differently. She turns on the water, lets it warm up, starts the shower, and then get this....she enters the shower from the back, not in the front! What is up with that. She exits the shower from the front like I do, but I noticed her friend who sometimes showers at our house exits from the back.

So, lets open this up for debate. How do you take a shower? Do you always follow the same steps? Why do you feel your way is best? What makes your way the "right" way. I will post some of the responses I get. Please feel free to e-mail them to me, or the next time I see you I will ask your opinion.


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Jamie said...

Seeing that I don't have a curtain and only one way in and one way out that eliminates part of your question. But I do turn the water on and then get in the shower.

I guess if I were showering where there was a curtain and tub then I would turn the water, enter in the front, then turn the shower head on, and exit from the back (since my towel is hanging towards the back of the shower).