Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Useless Info

~ It takes 120 pounds of pressure to break an ostrich egg.

~ The Utah state flag was originally designed for a battleship bearing the state's name in 1912. It was adopted as the state flag in 1913.

~ William Clark, the famous explorer of Lewis and Clark, headed the first organized dig that found fossilized remains of mastodons and woolly mammoths in the United States. He was commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson in 1807 to organize a paleontological dig in a salt marsh in what is now Big Bone Lick State Park in Kentucky.
~ The average American eats 28 pounds of bananas a year.
~ The original name of the Dow Jones & Company publication that became The Wall Street Journal was The Customer's Afternoon Letter published in 1883. It was renamed TWSJ in 1889.

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