Thursday, September 9, 2010


(Thanks Wino Bill for the suggestion)

Lil' Bit 'O Smoke did another BBQ dry run this weekend. It was at the Big Dawes house. Lots of good food and good friends! My vidalia onion casserole was a success....

Cheers to LBOS! Here they are doing their traditional shot of brown liquor after all of the cooking was done. Hope you all come to Riverfest and watch the team compete. Good luck AndyRandy, the Big Dawes, Bear, Btut and TCW!
Here is the official Dry Run Part Deux (I love saying that) display. I should have taken a picture of the kitchen table. It was laden with lots of delicious food.

Hello L Big Dawes. Thanks to you and J Big Dawes for having us over to eat drink and be merry.

You would think that Wino Bill and Andy were arguing. They were bitching about me making them pose for pictures!

Bear and Baby Bear conked out watching football. Momma Bear and Little Bear were sitting close by. I love how Bear uses his Baby as a pillow.

Happy Thursday.

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