Tuesday, September 14, 2010


~ There are 554 red roses in the garland of roses that is draped over the winning horse at the Kentucky Derby.

~ American funnyman Billy Crystal protrayed the "first gravedigger" in Kenneth Branaugh's 1996 film version of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

~ A hippometer is used to measure the height of a horse.

~ Under the rules of professional football, the score of 2-0 is used to record a forfeited game.

~ The first males sports figure to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine was LeBron James in April of 2008. He is shown dribbling a basketball with his right hand while holding supermodel Gisele Bundchen around the waist with his left. Only two other men - Richard Gere (1992) and George Clooney (2000) - had preceded him on the magazine's cover.

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